Cat Latte Art

This is a piece of cat latte art as created by a genius of a latte artist! You may have heard of latte art. If not, it is making a sculpture from the steamed cream on top of the coffee when you order a “latte”. I never have them. Just give me a coffee. Actually I prefer tea. All I know is the person who did this is talented and he/she is precise, delicate and patient.

Cat latte art by Kazuki Yamamoto
Cat latte art by Kazuki Yamamoto
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Here is another one that is a little less sophisticated.

Cat latte art
Cat latte art

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16 thoughts on “Cat Latte Art”

  1. I love the art. I have seen some really amazing stuff from time to time on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. I’ve never had anything but coffee, so I wouldn’t drink it. Just look.


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