Cat litter catastrophe! Cat upends litter tray.

This is a cat litter catastrophe and it’s pretty clear right away why it happened. This young tabby cat positioned himself on the edge of the tray which levered the tray up and over chucking the contents onto the hard tiled floor. To me, and I would hope to many others, the reason is clear: the tray is just too small which forced the cat of the edge to feel comfortable. The tray is too cheap and skimpy. Not enough money was invested in creating a adequate toilet for this cat!

Cat upends litter tray
Cat upends litter tray. Screenshot.
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The tray should have been about twice this size and the sidewalls could have been taller too. If the sidewalls had been taller it wouldn’t have happened. You might argue that a covered tray would have solved the problem as well but some people like Jackson Galaxy do not think covered trays are a good idea because they may put cats off going inside. And you want to encourage cats to use a litter tray!

Cat Makes Mess With Litter Tray

'My cat tried to clean up his mess but only made it worse'…😂🙈

Posted by LADbible on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I have a page on the size of cat litter trays which you can read by clicking here. Although its largely common sense. Like I said, it to be about twice the size. I’m surprised actually a manufacturer produced this tray as a litter tray. In fact, I have some doubts as to whether it is meant to be a cat litter tray.

This leads me to another interesting aspect of this video on Facebook which, by the way, may disappear over time because it is embedded into this website. It has disappeared I apologise but I have no knowledge or control over it.

The point I want to make is that why was this video made in the first place? It seems to me that the owner predicted that this was going to happen. In which case it may have happened before and it does point to the possibility that the owner deliberately set this up. Why else would they prepare their camera to video the event? If it was a one-off event which had never happened before the person would not have been there. They must’ve had knowledge of this and therefore they knew there was a problem with the litter tray size. If I was being cynical I’d say they bought the box with the deliberate intention of creating this catastrophe so they could film it for social media success.

If I’m correct, and of course I am speculating (but what I’m saying does make sense), you have to criticise the owner which is exactly what a lot of people have done in comments on Facebook. There is a pile of criticism, not of the cat of course, but of the person who made the video. Here are a couple of the comments which give you a flavour of what is going on.

“This cat owner should be forced to poop next to the toilet. Cats are very clean animals who hate spilling. A good litterbox should be provided.” – Dimitri

“…what a cruel joke. nobody films their cat taking a shit, it’s obviously set up intentionally to upset their cat….” Terry

It looks like they used wood litter which I personally prefer. I think it works well and has good odour retention qualities. The problem is not about the actual litter material but the size of the tray, as mentioned. The depth of litter is also quite important and I also have a page about that which you can read by clicking here.

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