Cat Litter Deep Cleansing Facial Mask

Cat litter facial mask
Cat litter facial mask
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This is a novel and imaginative way of using cat litter.  I am talking about clumping cat litter made out of clay, by the way.  In fact, it has to be bentonite clay, which apparently is used in commercially produced facial masks and body wraps.  So the actual ingredient is the same.  You are just using the clay as a raw material rather than it being prettily packaged by a cosmetics company as a facial mask and then being charged the earth for it.  That is a pun, by the way, because bentonite clay is dug out of the earth.

When I first heard of the idea of using cat litter as a way to purify the skin of a woman’s face (or I suppose a man’s face) it sounded crazy as I am sure it does to anyone who reads about it without knowing about it. However, it is not as crazy as it seems when you investigate.

This video explains it all. The person in the video is a self-taught beauty therapist, Michelle Phan.

I have not watched the video as it is not quite my cup of tea but the idea is to use unscented kitty litter. You take a small portion of it, place it in a mixing bowl and add some water together with some Aloe Vera.

You make a muddy paste out of it and then microwave it to warm it up. You then apply it to the face and it is meant to be highly effective in cleansing the face, shrink the pores and leave the skin feeling extremely soft.

An ordinary bag of unscented, clay, clumping litter will probably last about a year! I do not know how often a woman puts on a facial mask but if it is once a day that works out at a lot of masks.

Only the smooth paste should be applied to the skin and any hard pellets should be avoided as they will be too hard for the skin. The paste should be applied carefully around the eyes to avoid it getting into the eyes.

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12 thoughts on “Cat Litter Deep Cleansing Facial Mask”

  1. lol I don’t think I’ll be trying it either, give me my Boots no 7 day and night skin creams which are not tested on animals and I’m happy 🙂

    • well i prefer the natural look only thing is Aveeno that i like as my skin gets really itchy otherwise its just nothing 🙂

    • I just could not be bothered to watch it because I knew what it was about. I knew exactly what it was about because there was a written description of what was going on so there was no need to watch it anyway!

  2. Dee, you know very well -makeup, no makeup- you still do a mask to pull out impurities, once a week, if you can. BTW, bentonite [fine clay] is what I used, to keep the water in my koi ponds (more important to me than removing impurities from my skin). 😉


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