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Cat Litter Deep Cleansing Facial Mask — 12 Comments

  1. lol I don’t think I’ll be trying it either, give me my Boots no 7 day and night skin creams which are not tested on animals and I’m happy 🙂

    • well i prefer the natural look only thing is Aveeno that i like as my skin gets really itchy otherwise its just nothing 🙂

    • I just could not be bothered to watch it because I knew what it was about. I knew exactly what it was about because there was a written description of what was going on so there was no need to watch it anyway!

  2. Dee, you know very well -makeup, no makeup- you still do a mask to pull out impurities, once a week, if you can. BTW, bentonite [fine clay] is what I used, to keep the water in my koi ponds (more important to me than removing impurities from my skin). 😉

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