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cat litter and catsA cat litter poll should be useful. A lot is said on the internet about cat litter and cat litter boxes. What is best? What is important for us and/or our cat? It can often depend on where we live.

If we live in a city, we might be in an apartment. We might have to put the litter box in a corner of a living area. Odor control under these circumstances would be important. Wood based litter, I feel, is better than clay based litter for odor control. Then there is tracking (the cat carrying the litter out of the litter tray when exiting). Mine carries a wood pellet between her toes! They can be deposited in another room far from the litter.

Photo by selena lynn (Flickr). Do cat’s need some privacy?

Cat Litter Poll 2
I use clay litter
I use wood litter
I don’t use clay or wood
My cat goes to the toilet outside
I use clumping litter
I find wood litter better for odor control
Odor control is more important than tracking
I use a covered litter box
The litter box is in the bathroom
The litter box is in the kitchen
The litter box is in a utility area
The litter box is in the living area
The litter dust affects me
The litter dust has affected my cat
I use an anti-tracking litter box
I use a litter box that stops my dog eating the litter
I have more than one litter box
I think the position of the litter box is important for the cat
I select environmentally friendly litter
I don’t think about the environment when buying litter
I flush the litter down the toilet free polls

Cat litter is big business and there is a confusing array of products on the market. I use wood based as it is better for odor control as mentioned and it is more environmentally friendly. However wood based litter is not good for clumping – see best clumping cat litter.

If you can spend a few minutes filling in the form it would be great. And you might like to fine tune it by writing a short note using this form. If it is a short note I would add it to this page. You may have further and better questions to ask about litter purchase and use as well.

Want to know how cat litter got started? History of cat litter.

At the moment (May 2011) Green Tea litter seems to be all the rage. This is probably just one of those fads. But has anyone got first hand experience of it? Please tell us. Here’s the video (videos can get pulled without my knowledge leaving a blank screen):


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