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Cat lost for 10 years was living with a neighbour! — 4 Comments

  1. I have a few opinions on subjects in this article, as I’ve had a number of related experiences. Whenever I’d taken in “stray” cats I advertised and reported in search of their owner, but that presumes the owner is looking for the cat. Sadly sometimes not or it’s unknown. Just recently I rescued (real rescue) a cat off the street who’s only recorded owner lived in a city far away at the time of the cat’s birth. So you have to keep the record straight which is not hard to do, and if you care in the least. Chips are a great thing if you use them, and I love stories that turn out well. How cool is it that Lily remembered Alex and settled back into her prior life. It’s awful that she endured all that time away, but such a relief how it turned out, because of the chip. That’s one case where the chip record wasn’t altered but had the man scanned the cat in the first place, Lily would have been returned to Alex back when. How it is that the cat was never scanned in 10 years is puzzling though. Did he never take her to the vet, and if he did why wasn’t he questioned where he got the cat or why hadn’t the vet ever scanned her? Here in the states the vets are fairly suspicious and good out that.

  2. It is probably time for a law requiring that a finder gets any animal a free chip scan & takes specific steps to find the actual guardian, before assuming complete guardianship.

    Poor Lily, shabby finder too. Glad she is back with Alex

    • Yes, I agree. It’s a bit like the law concerning dogs and cats hit on the roads. They have to check microchips for dogs but not cats. That law should change in the UK in due course.

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