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This is more I love cats gif. The first one is very amusing I think.

cat love

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Stray cat meets hotel staff (as far as I can tell) and both are equally frightened of each other. The reaction of the two men is priceless but it does show how some people are so frightened of cats. On a serious note, a lot of people are scared of the cat’s predatory skills and weapons – the claw and teeth.

The next one is amusing for the look on the face of the Scottish Fold cat after being caught red handed “stealing” an item of clothing from a drawer. This looks like a purebred cat.

cat love 1

The third one is unusual. How many hedgehogs are there on sofas where a cat is likely to take a nap? This seems to be set up and the cat has no idea what a hedgehog is otherwise he/she would have known to avoid sleeping against this cute creature.

cat love 2

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15 thoughts on “Cat love gif”

  1. I can’t tell whether that man kicked the cat or not but it wouldn’t surprise me. I agree with Ruth the second one the poor little cat looks absolutely terrified 🙁 The 3rd is probably a rescued hedgehog because he looks young but maybe not ….

      1. Michael you’re a man and you wouldn’t have acted that way because you understand cats however in one way I can understand their reaction; this cat for whatever reason was terrified and trapped in a confined space, now most people (whether you understand cats or not) know that a trapped, scared animal is a dangerous one and lets face it we don’t know anything about what happened before the scene we were presented with. The men know that cats come with claws and they also know that claws in the above scenario can do a lot of damage.

        Now we all know that cats come with claws but we also know that men come with ‘The crown jewels’ …… get my drift?
        They don’t want those jewels to get clawed now do they? So maybe that guy didn’t lift his leg to kick the cat maybe it came up in self defence? maybe not…. who knows?

        1. LOL. I take your point. I know I would not have jumped around like that 😉 I’d probably have stayed still and checked if the cat was scared or whatever and judge my reaction based on that observation. I just think these guys overreacted which frightened the cat more. There is real fear there and I am not sure it is all to do with the “crown jewels”.

          Good point though.

          1. I know. I understand your point Michael on the face of it you see 2 grown men leaping around like a couple of big girls blouses just because of a cat! They are what? Like 20 or 30 times the size of that little kitty?

      1. Here in Pakistan, people have ideas built by their own.

        SOME SELF DETERMINED IDEAS: (Which I want to share with you my friend)

        1. Be careful of FERAL/ Stray cats, They just bite.

        2. The have big claws and they use on humans if we get close to them, so be careful.

        3. These are always infected cats, and every cat bites, so be careful.

        And do you know something? I have been bitten several times by feral kittens and cats. Deep in skin, blood rushed out through my hand and I got sick/ ill. Had temperature, but never gone to any medical aid/ check-up.

        Because I know, this will make a bazaar hazard to these fellows, I love. People will make it as certain as believing in one GOD.

        As a result more damage to cats and more killings. Cruelty is one thing that I hate. But I am hands up that can’t do anything just weap, cry alone in my bed at the time of sleeping 🙁

        Let me confess, these incidents of biting happened because of my own ignorance. I had no much knowledge about cats and kittens in the start. But now, I have known two kinds of biting behavior regarding cats i.e.

        1. Lovely bite(never deep in skin) just to tell you to stop what you are doing to me.

        2. Aggressive bite (I hate you and stay away behavior or don’t touch me in this way you —-!

        So, it’s all matter of information and interest in the topic. I don’t care biting. Just know how I want to do something for the protection and welfare for these friends. They are so sensitive in nature that they even can judge that you are happy/ sad.

        This is my experience.

  2. The 2nd and 3rd are cute. The 1st one is interesting. It must of been a feral cat for them to be so freaked out by it. Maybe the fact that the cat was running towards them freaked them out. Or maybe it just appeared suddenly. Who knows.

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    I don’t like any of them, the first one cruel, the second one the cat looks fearful as he backs away, the third one set up to have a laugh at the cat’s expense.

  4. Actually, the only one of the 3 I enjoyed was #2, the cat thief who must’ve been a partner in crime with my Damon in a previous life.
    #1 made me mad seeing a man kick the cat. He may have raised his foot in defense; nonetheless, I didn’t like it.
    #3 was irritating to watch, knowing that someone set it up to scare the cat.

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