Cat Love On A Bike

Cool cat, MJ, has been riding tandem for years and the longest journey was 25 miles. The pair live in Philadelphia, USA. I love the way MJ rubs against his human companion while travelling. Super confident cat. It looks dangerous for MJ. I wonder if he has every fallen. I also wonder if he is tethered to the man’s helmet or something like that. Worrying but damn nice. The relationship is very sweet. That is the most important thing.

My thanks to dw for emailing me the video.

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6 thoughts on “Cat Love On A Bike”

  1. Yes a sweet relationship but a few times MJ was looking as if he would like to have jumped off to terra firma!
    I hope he gets some time to enjoy being a cat and sniffing around, rolling in the grass and climbing trees instead of just seeing them all go by.

  2. The cat looks like he is extremely comfortable. A wreck would probably cause more damage to the human. The cat would be able to react much faster. He would probably run away out of fright though. Loved the video. Thanks!

  3. If he’s happy with his human then thats all that matters 🙂 I tend to think that this sin’t usual cat behaviour yet there again some cats are unusual and love this sort of lifestyle like a streetcat called Bob 🙂

    • I agree, it is not usual cat behavior. It is a development in domestication. I think it is good provided it is safe. An urban cat’s life. Also MJ gets a lot of intellectual stimulation. He can’t be bored on top of his human’s shoulders on a bike in dense Philadelphia traffic!


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