Cat lover Caroline Flack dead – reportedly took her own life

LBC radio has just reported that Caroline Flack a well know TV presenter and cat lover is dead having taken her own life today, 15th Feb. 2020. I have no more at this time. I will update as and when. So sad. RIP. She had recently lost her job presenting Love Island after being charged with assaulting her boyfriend Lewis Burton. Her trial was due early next month in the Crown Court. She denied it. Burton said she was still his girlfriend. She has just got an agent for her cat who looks like a tabby Scottish Fold, a popular cat breed with celebrities.

Flack's cat
Flack’s cat. Photo: Instagram.
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Caroline Flack won Strictly Come Dancing in 2014. It is speculated that she took the trolling that she received on social media where she had a huge following (2.3 m on Instagram) very hard. There is talk about taking Love Island off the air in respect for her. She had made the role of host for that show her own.

Her management company has complained to the Crown Prosecution Service for prosecuting Flack despite Lewis Burton not wanting to go ahead with it. He did not start the prosecution. The police insisted apparently. It was considered a show trial. Another factor which built the pressure. Flack was concerned that a lot of stuff would come out.

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    • Yes, indeed. It is just meanness and nastiness for no reason. Trolls are hopeless. It is said that the trolling got to her. She was very successful. Huge following. She was big in the UK. It is a shock to her fellow presenters. There have been two suicides by Love Island participants too. Something wrong with reality television.


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