Cat Lover – Especially Maine Coon Cats

by Elizabeth

Nearly two years ago our little “Poof” appeared at our door. It was so cute and cuddly that we could not make it go away and besides it would not. It stayed outside and we bought it a little house and put some warm covers in it. It really liked its new home and us and the feeling was mutual.

We called him a her because nobody ever bothered to look. We decided that we needed to take her to the vet to be spayed. About this same time our son came in the house one day and announced that our her was actually a him.

Well. after Poof’s little surgery he came in the house and he has not been outside since. My husband shares a bedroom with him. Since we have another cat (and they do not have a relationship) we have to switch rooms so that each sees different views of the yard. Our other cat is a tortoiseshell and when Poof comes in her view she hisses and hisses at him. He just walks around maybe toward her, but she lets us know that she wants no part of him. The last episode was really quite disturbing. We don’t know what to do.

However, Poof has really latched on to my husband. When my husband goes to bed he just says come on Poof it’s bedtime. Anything my husband says he obeys him, better than a child.

This is the first cat that I have ever seen sit at someone’s feet. He’s just so lovable, you can pick him up and just pet him all day. Of course, we do go through the biting and scratching.
Not anyone ever came looking for a Maine Coon Cat. We are glad.


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Cat Lover – Especially Maine Coon Cats

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Aug 09, 2011 Maine Coon
by: Susan

I have a maine Coon that I rescued from the pound when he was 12 weeks old I didnt know he was a Maine Coon until I went to the vets for his vaccination, I told the vet how he sits he gives me a kiss when I ask, when its time to come in for the night he does a wee in the garden when I say “go wee we” he is like a dog then the vet said yes all Maine Coons are very smart. I said whats a Maine Coon. I never knew he was one but I knew he was very different to my other cats I’ve had over the years, he is 9 years old now & he weighs 8 kilo he’s a big boy If u get treats u can teach them tricks. I have a small bell on the bottom corner of the screen door & he rings it when he wants to come inside.

Aug 08, 2011 Relationship with other cat
by: Michael

I would hope that the relationship between your two cats would improve slightly. Clearly the cat that was there first objects to the “intruder”. This happens as cats are territorial.

These things do settle down in time but two years is quite a long time. I’ll have another look at that problem and get back and leave a comment if I have time.

I like the relationship between your husband and Poof. It can get that close.

Glad you rescued this cat. One more cat saved. Great.

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