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Cat lover talks of her dream of a sanctuary after 122 cats are rescued from her home — 4 Comments

  1. I spoke with an old friend of mine the other day. We hadn’t talked in years. At that time I think I had 14 cats (I topped out there) and have been into it for 20 years now. Most of them have died (not without a fight). I have six now, and have taken good and proper care of all of them. They have been my family and have wanted for nothing. My friend still thinks I’m a hoarder. Both he and Holly can’t do simple arithmetic or take into account at what point you have too many. As Elisa points out, there are a number of factors. Some people can’t even take care of one. But it’s people on both sides of the equation who make it a moral crime to have more than two or omg go near double digits, when we might be fully capable. I used to take care of a barn full of horses and no one called that hoarding. It’s a case by case basis, but I agree – no single person can care for 122 without lots of staff, room, enough money coming in and a full-time veterinarian. And at that it’s just survival… you can’t give them the personal attention they need.

  2. I really hate the word “hoarder”.
    Because Hollie had kittens, presumably, being born in her home and cats with untreated illnesses/injuries, and living in less than optimal conditions, the right thing would be to relinquish. If she couldn’t afford to spay/neuter or get regular vet care for her cats, then she shouldn’t have them.
    However, I disagree with relinquishment to animal control anywhere who, we all know, work for kill shelters. It would have been my move to call in all animal rescue organizations to help.

    • I agree that the word “hoarder” has become a derogatory term to mean someone who is mad and who likes cats. The word is abused somewhat. It is too generic and it stereotypes.

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