Cat Lover’s Dilemma. Advise and Win a Prize!

Advice needed on how to deal with this “cat dilemma”. Best answer in a comment wins a prize 🙂 The prize is an Amazon cat bowl. Big deal. Sounds rather poor but they are nice bowls:

USA BowlNeater Feeder for Cats, Cat Bowl, Bronze

Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles: Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

UK BowlAndrew James 4 Day / Meal Automatic Pet Feeder / Bowl with voice recorder Includes 2 Volume Reducers + 1 Adapter Tray

If a visitor from a country other than the USA or UK advises and wins you can select something of a similar value that I can pay for and which can be delivered to you. Sorry for the extra work but I don’t see a better solution. PoC does have some great visitors from far away places other than the UK or America.

Rules! – Michael decides! There will have to be at least 5 comments (otherwise it can’t really be a competition) and please make sure the email address on the comment is good so I can contact you. Thanks. I really hope there are at least five comments….

Cat Dilemma
Cat Dilemma

The Dilemma

Jenny loves cats and all animals. She has a cat companion called “Alfie”. A neighbor, Ethel, has two very nice but defensive cats that she lets roam outside as they please. Her cats are called “Marty” and “Maggie”. As Ethel is not at home much the cats get lonely and like to visit houses. They visit Jenny’s home and come inside through the cat flap (door) and eat some left over scraps of food. Alfie gets upset so she closes the cat flap permanently.

However, Marty and Maggie still turn up. They wait outside and look in the window. They wait for a long time. Jenny can’t stand seeing them in the cold so she still feeds them outside her home. They are always hungry but slightly overweight. They like Jenny. As it is cold she feels like letting them in but she thinks of Alfie and how it might affect him.

Jenny finds out Ethel’s phone number and explains what is happening. Ethel says that Marty and Maggie are getting fat and that she feeds them dry cat food and some wet. Marty is almost diabetic her vet has told her. She asks Jenny if she would please stop feeding her cats.

As Ethel lives in a very large house with a nice large garden, Jenny suggests that Ethel keep her cats in and perhaps constructs a catio or cat enclosure. Jenny tells Ethel that this would allow her to monitor her cats’ food intake and it would protect them from potential accidents on nearby busy roads. Jenny leaves voice mails telling Ethel that the cats are at her place and can she stop this.

Ethel does nothing to change things. Neither does she return the calls.

Should Jenny continue to feed Marty and Maggie? What should she do?


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  1. Hi, I have noticed that I don’t seem to have announced the winner of this competition. It was awarded to Marc for his totally novel solution. I discovered Amazon did not deliver to Switzerland! So I sent a bottle of wine and some cheese instead 😉 Marc enjoyed it, he said.

    All this happened before Christmas. Cal’s comment made me revisit the page.

    Sorry I forget to announce it here. I get pulled in different directions.


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