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Cat lovers disappointed after Texas veterinarian given ‘a slap on the wrist’ by Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners — 13 Comments

  1. Such a disappointment.
    But, as mentioned, her career is really in the toilet and I doubt that she will have many clients (ie. victims).

  2. I was among those who filed a formal complaint on this “person”. Tiger was the beginning of the end as to my participation on facebook. I belonged to dozens of animal groups. I’d been watching and waiting for justice for Tiger, as have hundreds of thousands of others, since April 17, 2015. I have the utmost respect for all who felt the same and did what they could, especially Zandra Anderson, TJT, Alley Cat Allies and ALDF. It’s more than a shame that it wasn’t enough. There is so much cruelty in the world, especially to animals and especially to cats, and facebook fails along those lines, miserably. I knew of many complaints, along with mine about cruelty that fell on deaf ears.

  3. Another sad sad day for domestic animals! God only knows what she will maim & kill next! Tiger deserved a richer justice….but rest assured KARMA will come calling!

  4. I did this to accompany the PoC article and linked it back in nationalcatexaminer.com/2016/10/18/alley-cat-allies-speaks-out-on-texas-veterinarian-sentenced-after-killing-cat-with-a-bow-and-arrow/

  5. I’m so disappointed in this very light punishment. I think it should have been a lifetime revocation of her license. She’s not a naughty child, she’s a grown woman who took an oath to care for the health and welfare of animals. What she did was beyond a “bad decision”, it was outright cruelty and torture for poor Tiger. We have a long way to go in standing up for our animal friends I guess.

  6. It’s not what we would like, but given the current legal climate I think it’s a pretty good sentence. She’ll take a big economic hit by not being able to practice for a year, and after that I wonder how employable she’ll be. Any future employer will be taking on a lot of baggage. And supervised probation is no joke — among other things, it involves alcohol & substance abuse testing, with penalties for violating the terms of probation.

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  8. Not what I wanted to hear, and certainly way too lenient. I think Kristen Lindsey should lose her license permanently, and be barred from ever practicing veterinary medicine again.:'( But like the article stated, this is a step in the right direction. You deserve total justice, Tiger. Your precious life was cut short in the most cruel, inhumane way. :”(

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