Cat lovers mug set. A brilliant idea.

In the UK, you can buy this cat lovers mug set on Amazon. I feel confident that you can do the same thing in America and elsewhere. It caught my eye. I think that the design and concept is very clever. But they’re probably more a decorative piece than a usable couple of mugs. I’m not sure that I would want to use them. I might prefer to simply put them on the mantelpiece to show them off.

What a clever couple of cat mugs. A brilliant idea.
What a clever couple of cat mugs. A brilliant idea. Photo: Amazon.
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On Amazon, in the UK, they cost £25.99 p. They probably cost something similar in America in US dollars. The brand is MengCat. They are ceramic teacups. They’re meant to be a matching gift for an anniversary, an engagement or Valentine’s Day or perhaps a birthday present for a cat lover.

It is the kind of present my girlfriend might have given me if she had known about it. Although I have many cat mugs. Actually, I have too many cat mugs because there is not quite enough space left in my cupboard for them 😉.

I’m not sure about the quality of these mugs. One reviewer, Emma Butler, said that the quality wasn’t up to her standard. She bought the mugs as a gift for her boyfriend. But truthfully, you cannot rely on Amazon reviews. I am convinced that many of them are deliberately critical for various commercial reasons. They are paid for reviews by competitors. Don’t trust Amazon reviews.

Overall, the product gets 4.5 out of five on reviews if you feel that you can trust them.

There are some more articles about cat products below the adverts on this page. You might find some of them useful. Do you know what the best cat product is? It is the best cat scratching post you can buy. It is sold on Amazon and I have one of them. It truly is the best. Every home with a cat should have one. This is it:-

Smart scratching post
Smart scratching post. Photo: Michael.

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