Cat lovers should be nature lovers and nature lovers have higher self-esteem

I believe that true cat lovers also love nature and more connected to nature. This is because if you love the domestic cat you love her characteristics and personality and this personality is very close to the wild and the wild is nature.

Cat lovers have high self-esteem

Researchers at the University of Derby have come to the conclusion that nature lovers are more conscientious, more open to new experiences and more emotionally stable than people who are addicted to technology. A lot of people living in the modern world are addicted to technology by which I mean their smart phones and computers. This is readily apparent on public transport and on the sidewalk (pavement).

The researchers looked at cellphone use and their connection to nature. They found that those who were most in touch with nature used their cell phone half as much daily as the rest of the population and were more emotionally balanced.

Being connected with nature is described by Miles Richardson, head of psychology at Derby, as: “realising our place in a wider ecology here and now.”

Participants in the survey completed an online form which measured people’s phone use, their connection to nature, personality and self-esteem. They also completed an anxiety questionnaire.

The online survey revealed that people who were more connected with nature use their phone for 2 hours 15 mins a day compared with 4 hours 8 mins for those who were less connected.

I hardly use mine at all. If you are a cat lover tell me how often you use your cell phone (smart phone) please.

In addition, they took 7% fewer selfies and 320% more pictures of nature.

I have connected the study to people who like cats and who look after cats. I think this is a fair connection. In addition, I think it is fair to say that if there is an average cat lover they are more intelligent than average and more independent minded than average. This comes from previous studies. This squares up with the research at the University of Derby, in my opinion.

People who like and love cats should feel secure in the fact that they are better than other people! They have higher self-esteem and are significantly less anxious.

Source: Times Newspaper.

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2 thoughts on “Cat lovers should be nature lovers and nature lovers have higher self-esteem”

  1. I use my phone to keep in touch with my family and a few close friends. Also to contact my pet sitting clients. There are times I go 2-3 days without touching my phone. I have never taken a selfie and the pictures I take are of my cats and the wildlife around me. I have an Iphone if that makes a difference. I would be lost without my beloved pets and all the creatures that live around the area.

    1. Susan, I am similar to you. I have an iPhone and I’ve only taken about 4 selfies on it and all of them are still on the phone and never looked at. I rarely use my iPhone. I bought it for the sole purpose of seeing how this website looked on it! It looks okay thank God.

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