Cat lovers: transport yourself to a beautiful place with a Siamese cat on a boat

Here’s your chance to let your mind rest and wander to a far off place where there is a fine looking Siamese cat on a boat, on a lake with majestic mountains as a backdrop. This is probably best watched having drunk a glass of wine 🙂 .

Siamese cat in harness on a boat

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The clear blue water is glacial. The music soothes the soul. The cat is enjoying it as well.

Video: please click on the sound icon bottom-right of the video…

Domestic cats outdoors in harnesses

I love to see domestic cats outdoors in harnesses. As long as they are safe and well cared for, the big outdoors is great for a domestic cat. The air is full of scents and visually there is so much to see and digest. It takes the domestic cat with you. We always leave her behind, forlorn in the home waiting for our return.

It’s all about mental stimulation. I have the greatest admiration for cat caretakers who take the time and trouble to train their cat to accept a harness. It allows their cat to accompany them on adventures otherwise barred to the cat.

I have seen a number of cat owners taking their cats with them on adventure hikes. Domestic cats adapt to this. It is obviously rare but it can be done. I have even seen mountaineers take their cat with them when climbing! Astonishing but true.


I am seriously considering training my cat more thoroughly to accept a harness and then try and take him with me for a walk. It’ll work provided due vigilance is exercised. However, we all know that it can be tough to train a cat to accept a harness and ‘go walkies’. They are not made for it unlike dogs but cats are trainable.

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