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Cat loving ISIS fighter reminds us that most of them are fighting for the wrong reason — 15 Comments

  1. Yes,Ahsan,people corrupt belief systems with their anger and hate.I do worry about the people there,like yourself,and the animals.It is heartbreaking to say the least.Be blessed.

  2. Ahsan,I know what you are talking about,these ISIS fighters are being directed to create the world caliphate.They are barbaric,cruel,politicized radicals.I would not keep a cat around them. I have seen videos of the horrible things they do to animals as well as people.I hope you are never subjected to them.The cat looks very sad and a bit thin.

    • Geri, the cat is probably very typical of cats in that part of the world. They are already naturally more slender because it is hotter and you can add to that undernourished.

      I believe a lot of these ISIS guys don’t want to be there but are lead by fanatics who are the really nasty guys.

    • Yes GERI

      I am an ORTHODOX moslem and I have never denied anywhere to be one. But what I have stated in my few replies of articles, where upon a cruel event, PoC members got angry and suggested different kind of punishments in their comments, I said… “CRUELTY IS NOT AN ANSWER OF CRUELTY.”

      From here, everyone on this planet can judge me that what my spirit is speaking to them.

      I have claimed that I LOVE MOTHER TRESSA.

      Its from the deepest core of my heart , yes! I love her.

      Mohemmud SAW (my prophet) imposed strict rules of war upon us.

      1. Never fight within cities.
      2. Never cut any tree
      3. Never kill un-armed (even during the fight)
      4. Never kill old, women, children, innocents, animals.

      5. Never handcuff any P.O.W.
      6. walk side by side the P.O.W.
      7. If any P.O.W. teach us how to write 10 words, and How to read 10 words, FREE HIM> Always feed them first.

      8. At LAST, always fight a defensive WAR. (AGGRESSIVE WAR is prohibited)

      So, I speak the truth, therefore if any man/ woman who claim to be JIHADIST, I deny openly and say… They are so called Moslems. But on the other hand, I have to say that this war has been started from the WEST and will take an END in the MIDDLE EAST which will become a huge grave yard of WESTERN soldiers that they can never imagine such a cruel blood shed.

      It is as the history of Jerusalem. My spiritual teacher once said,” Ahsan! do you know, there are many soils on the planet earth that demands for the blood of human being, and who so ever enters in that twilight, always bury in the deep hole of GRAVE but never is FREE from the HELL.”

      And YES! I believe, because the history has indicated towards these soils, that are terrible blood demanding, for human being and cats.

      1. Dehli (INDIA)
      2. Baghdad (Iraq)
      3. Jerusalem
      4. Dhakka (Bangladesh)
      5. Egypt
      6. Turkey
      7. Germany
      8. Middle EAST (Core SAUDIA)
      9. KARACHI (Pakistan)
      10. AZTECS (MAXICO)


      I hate bloodshed and I don’t like anti human people or their thoughts.


  3. Excellent article michael and very well written. We humans should always remember this that animals do not know the difference between a “BAD” and a “GOOD” human companion as long as it is fed and cared for by that human.Hence during wars many pets which originate from a particular Country are hated and despised by enemies of that country which is ultimately cruelty towards the animal. During Second World War the “German Shepherd ” and “Dachshund” dogs were seen as symbols of Nazi Germany and hence hated by the allies and it was one of the main reasons for changing the “German Shepherd” name to “Alsatian” by the British.As for Cats they can’t be identified with any particular Country of Origin since the present day pedigree cat is a total different specimen from its original ancestors with the “PERSIAN CAT” being a outstanding example .The “Traditional Persian Cat” was featured as the villain “SPECTRE’S” pet in the ” initial “James Bond Franchisee” and hence became infamous all over the World.The new James Bond movie titled “SPECTRE” is due to be produced and i wonder if the “Traditional Persian Cat” makes another appearance in the 21st century era or will it be the “Ultra Face Persian”.Always remember that pets are non-judgemental unlike us humans.As for “I.S.I.S” it seems we are into a minor “Third World War” !

    • Loved your comment Rudolph. There is a lot in there to digest.

      Cats don’t judge us, as you say, on the issues that concern us. They only judge us on (a) warmth (b) food (c) security etc…

  4. Lovely article, Michael.

    And like your hatred in style you write.

    ISIS is a new team of fanatics or any old? I have no sufficient knowledge about that but in the predictions of my prophet SAW there should be a man called SUFIANI, who will lead a cruel group in syria after IRAQ WAR, he will call himself a caliph of Moslems but he will be the worst man on earth, killing moslems and he will force them and pay them in high price to join him and then make a false jihad, he will call himself the amir ul momaneen, caliph of moslems…. etc.

    maybe this group will lead to him one day and we will know about his call.


    Actually I mean from the predictions of my prophet SAW

    The first to end, the list is like this;
    1. WAR of IRAQ
    2. WAR of Syria
    3. War of Egypt
    4. War of Turkey
    5. Mahdi
    6. DAJJAL (the last anti christ, enemy of JESUS)
    7. coming of JESUS
    8. The final Battle
    9. Battle with all chinese, japanese, malaysians etc.
    10. PEACE and EVOLUTION again till the END of days …


    That cat seem to me afraid and as she is not in comfort with him πŸ™ thanks for sharing <3

    • Fascinating predictions, Ahsan. Something like that may well come true.

      I was taking the Mikey myself. A lot of the mercenary fighters from England are not genuinely fighting in the name of Islam. They are fighting for the fun of it and the glory and ice cream πŸ˜‰ .

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