Cat loving ISIS fighter reminds us that most of them are fighting for the wrong reason

Abu Hamza al-Britani (his chosen name) is an ISIS fighter. He likes fast food, ice cream and cats. I think he is currently in Mosul, Iraq. He’s overweight because he eats too much junk food even though he is fighting, which I guess burns off some of his flab. But then again, perhaps he does not do that much fighting. How do we know? His co-fighters like to take the Mikey out of him over his flab.

Abu Hamza al-Britani with Somali colleague
Abu Hamza al-Britani (left) with Somali colleague
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He spends a lot of his time on the Internet on social media websites (Twitter appears to be a favorite) where he is notorious for professing his love of junk food and where he talks of his “princess”.

This home grown terrorist posts a lot of messages about a ginger-and-white cat which he named “Anbar”. He describes his cat as “my princess”.

Set against these typical westernized thought processes Abu Hamza is in Iraq and Syria to die in the name of radical Islam fighting with ISIS and on behalf of the Islamic state.

Mr Abu Hamza is seeking martyrdom he says on his Twitter biography. He is also seeking Kentucky fried chicken, coleslaw and french fries and a cuddle from his ginger tabby cat!

He had to leave his princess behind recently and he posted this information on social media sites.

My Princess in Iraq next to bullets
Anbar “My Princess” in Iraq next to bullets

He posted a photograph of his princess next to a box of bullets which I think is rather an iconic and ironic photograph because on the one hand we have the gentle domestic cat and on the other hand we have the brutality of the ISIS fighters.

He describes his cat as “crazy” and a “big problem”. This is a typical statement made by an ignorant (sorry) cat caretaker, in my opinion.

What he is referring to is the fact that his cat likes to run around all night and when she does sleep she wants to sleep on top of him. What is crazy about that for a cat?

When he had to leave his cat to fight on the front line he stated,

“I will be leaving my princess today. She’s still small but I’ve had her since she was a baby… I know it’s gna [sic] to be hard to leave her.”

This cat loving terrorist originally came from Pakistan but his home is in London, UK. There are an estimated 500-1,500 like him from England in Iraq and Syria fighting for ISIS.

When he was asked what he missed about London he replied, “miss all the different food and family”. He does like his food doesn’t he; and even when he is fighting, shooting with a machine gun through a hole in a wall, he is asking his colleague next to him what they have lined up for dinner tonight!

I read that ISIS fighters are paid quite well. Let’s not forget that this is a very rich terrorist organization. They are still able to sell a lot of oil having stolen all refineries in Iraq.

Clearly there’s enough money in the pay packet to afford some fattening food such as ice cream. It’s a peculiar mix of brutality and normality but perhaps the two go together in any case.

I believe a lot of the fighters are there for the wrong reason. Their professed reason is to fight for Islam but the real reason is because they are bored at home and believe that fighting in Iraq will be like one those computer war games. Then they want to come home because it dawns on them that real killing, real war is human-created hell. We should let them come home but insist they work for MI5 and MI6.

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