Cat Massage and Cat Bonding

Cat Massage and Cat Bonding

by Michael

This is the way to bond with your cat. This cat, though, is either very tolerant or he has got used to siting in his human companion’s lap like this. Does your cat allow you to do this for this length of time?

I think it’s great to see. This cat clearly loves it and is totally chilled out. There is a great relationship going on here.

For me it makes me question what I do. My cat, Charlie, would not allow me to place him on my lap like this nor would he allow me to massage him like this for a long time in this position. He might for a short time but not like this. He likes to be massaged but he prefers it sitting across my legs when I am in bed. I give him lots of cuddles and grooming particularly when he comes up to me when I am in bed.

This nice video does set a high standard in human/cat bonding. What is interesting is that the video has hardly been seen on YouTube at the time of this posting (March 14th 2012) and is on with added music. I am not sure how that came about.

The music version is obviously better.

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See a page on cat massage.

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Cat Massage and Cat Bonding

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Mar 16, 2012
I like having skin NEW
by: Edward

I wouldnt try that on any of our cats man I like having skin.
It did look like that cat was happy must be a very laid back cat is all I can say I was waiting to see if hed get fed up and give her a clout lol

Mar 15, 2012
A gorgeous cat NEW
by: Ruth

What a gorgeous cat! I don’t know of any other cat who would sit there like that for that length of time and be massaged.
He obviously enjoyed it although I thought towards the end he was looking as if he wanted it to finish as the person got a bit rough.
Our cats would never let us do that lol I can just imagine a whack from Walter and a black look from Jozef if I tried.
I think most cats would find it too undignified and intense.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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