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Cat meat being sold as mutton in roadside eateries — 8 Comments

  1. Surprised although i am familiar to Chennai having been in the city for months during my employment in the “Shipping Industry” in the 1980;s/1990’s.Came to know about this fact of cat and dog meat consumption in India through the media.Stray dogs and cats are numerous on the streets of Mumbai but might definitely not be the case in Chennai and parts of North -East India.Don’t the Swiss from a first world Country eat cats ?Seems even among us Indians various communities have their own culinary non-vegetarian dishes !

  2. Sadly many there do not look at dogs and cats as pets but as many do cows, pigs ,etc. Sickening to think about those what those poor precious cats and dogs go through. I hope those who do have cats and or dogs keep their cats in the house and walk their dogs and that the people there who do love them start to change this horror that is happening with laws against it.

    • Sadly many there do not look at dogs and cats as pets but as many do cows, pigs ,etc

      Agreed. Quite a lot of people in the West see eating cat meat as acceptable – no different to eating pig for instance. However, in general, there is a big culture difference affecting the relationship between cat and people. Also economics are a factor. In the West many people are relatively well off so ‘free range cat’ is not on an option. That sounds crude but it can come down to that almost.

  3. I’ve seen pictures of dogs and cats piled in trucks in Thailand, and other Asian countries being sold for food. They are skinned alive. It’s sickening and cruel.

    Our petfood is also pretty gross with dead/euthanized dogs and cats, among other things. There are some YouTube videos that show euthanized pets being dumped into bags, then taking to be ground up before being cooked at high temps.

    I realize that this is a “difficult truth”, but all the more reason to educate ourselves about pet food ingredients.

    Most pet guardians love and care about their pets, and end up spending thousands to save their lives from the effects of pet food. Although a vet wouldn’t say it was from the food they may have even prescribed!

    The list of “worst pet food ingredients” is available here. If you don’t have time to check it, please have someone do it for you. It could mean your pet’s life.

    Whatever you’re feeding now, look it up online, so you can enlarge the words, then read the ingredient list, and check it with the “worst pet food ingredients list”.

    There’s a way to transition your pet to healthy food, but it does take some time and patience. Is your pet worth it?

    • You’re last paragraph makes a very good point. It does take a bit of effort to do the best for our cats because we are misled by the pet food manufacturers and even vets sometimes. In some ways cat food is like human food – prepared human food. Human prepared food (ready meals) contains ingredients that are not particularly good for us – too much salt etc.. Ultimately it is better to prepare your own cat food because only then can we know exactly what is in it.

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