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Cat People Movie
Quite a lot of people search the internet for “cat people movie”. Actually there are two cat people movies. The original was made in 1942 and the …

Robinsons Genetics  Not rated yet
I use Robinson’s Genetics for Cat Breeders & Veterinarians (4th Ed) . I know a bit about it. It is a book that is frequently referred to within the cat …

Your Cat by Dr. Hodgkins  Not rated yet
“Your Cat” by Dr. Hodgkins DVM is a book about cat health and nutrition. It discusses cat health from the perspective of a cat’s diet. It doesn’t exclusively …

legacy of the cat  Not rated yet
Legacy of the Cat is probably the best book on the planet about the cat breeds. How can I make such a confident statement? Firstly it is visually stunning….

There are a lot of books out there about cats. Some are cheap and look like bargins but aren’t. I should know because I bought some. Some however are excellent.

There are masses of videos, some films and a small amount of music that feature cats, usually the domestic cat but not always.

The wild cats were often featured in early films but they were about hunting and the world has since woken up to the unacceaptability of that – well some parts of the world.


Bell Book and Candle
A film I enjoyed a lot when I saw it in the 1960s and which I like more now because it features a Siamese cat!

Review of Wild Cats Of The World
This is a great book, which I discuss in a bit of detail on the linked page.

Cat Fancy Magazine
A great magazine about cats. Probably the most successful. I subscribe to it.

We’d all love to hear your brief or long views on the things you have read, seen or heard featuring cats. Thanks.

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