Cat Mimicking Person Mimicking Cat

Cat Mimicking Person Mimicking Cat

by Michael
(London, UK)

Cat Mimics Person's Hand movements?

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Cat Mimics Person's Hand movements?

I have written about cats training us. There are numerous examples. When a cat rubs against us at a certain time we known that it is time to do a certain task. It could be anything but it is usually about food! After a while we know to feed our cat a certain food at a certain time and, bingo, we are trained.

Here is a video that is on a similar subject. If this is an example of a cat copying or mimicking a person, then I think this is a first. I certainly have never seen a cat copy the specific actions of a person like this before:

Please note that sometimes videos don't work because they are deleted at source (YouTube in this case). I have included a screenshot at the top of the page in case this happens.

If this a genuine case of a cat mimicking a person then it opens doors to training aids and methods that I have not seen as it has the makings of "observational training". Cats do copy from their mothers and close family members when they are kittens and growing up, so cats do learn by copying senior family members. We are senior members of the family so they can copy us. This page deals with the subject in some detail: Cat Training and includes a para on observation training referred to.

Most training that I have seen is concerned with clicker training or ad hoc training methods such as punishment (don't do it please) or it is reward based - cat does something and is rewarded so will do it again. But as stated I have not seen cat training that is solely based on visuals, the simple copying of our actions. Have you?

It is more likely that in this video, the cat was kneading the air. She may have been doing this because she is close to her human mother and had been stroked or was just content. Cats sometimes knead the air and not objects. The person in the video would have copied this action although I am guessing as it has happened before the video starts. Then it seems that the cat copies the human or is the cat simply just carrying on kneading in synchronisation with the person so that it looks like the cat is copying the person? I don't know but it does actually seem as if the cat is deliberately copying as she is looking up at the person at the same time.

Well, there it is. I just find the video interesting enough to write about although the image quality is awful - sorry. What do you think is going on?

I want to thank Dorothy Wandruff for telling me about this video.

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Cat Mimicking Person Mimicking Cat

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Dec 28, 2010 This was strange
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

I had a cat imitate me once. I was at a friend's house hanging out-- very casual. My knees were killing me from not stretching my legs in ages. So I laid down on the floor in the living room and did the 90/90 stretch for hamstrings. You put your hip joint at 90 degrees and your knee at 90, and then try to straighten the leg. Of course it wouldn't go very far, but as I'm struggling with it my husband and the other people there noticed the cat, Butterscotch, lying on his back with one of his back legs up. It's like he was imitating me. I didn't think he really could have been, so a little while later I tried it again. He did it again. He laid down near me, on his back and stuck his back leg in the air, just as I was holding one leg up in the air. I have never seen him do this before or since, but he did it twice in a row while I was supine on the floor stretching my legs.

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