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Cat missing for ten days after hiding in box spring now safe at home — 9 Comments

  1. I have a cat that would always crawl into a tiny space at the bottom of my kitchen cabinets and nudge her way up between the wall and the back of the cabinets…now…she was not inside the cabinets…but behind them in a tiny gap between the cabinets and the wall. To prevent her from hiding here, I hired a contractor to cover the small opening. I told him to be sure she’s not in there before he seals it up…Well, there’s no way to see her behind there, because once she gets in…she climbs all the way up and she is not visible. So, sure enough, the contractor nails the wood while she is up there preventing her from getting back out…had to come back the same day and undo the job.

  2. Our Mia pulled such a disappearing act one time that I called the 24PetWatch people and reported her missing. She turned up later that night. Don’t know what room she came out of because I’d torn the house apart looking for her. We never did find her hiding place. Our cat Midnight has one as well. I play hell when Laura goes to visit her dad’s family. I have to make sure I’ve seen all the cats and know where they are.

  3. My 7 year old traditional Persian cat is infamous for hiding in my cupboard, drawer and bags in my house.On two occasions when she was much younger we searched the entire building compound thinking that she had slipped out of the door or fallen from the gallery window ledge.The first time on returning home after the search found her locked in my cupboard and the second time in my clothes drawer.As soon as a enclosed space is opened she loves sneaking in and sitting quietly.quietly. Doesn’t purr or scratch the enclosed chamber even with all the commotion around her created by our voices and our searching.Strangely, my other cat, her kitten “Matata:” who is now 5 years old never ever exhibited this character of hiding in enclosed spaces unlike his dam. Here is a candid photo of her totally concealed in a bag i left on the table.

  4. Camo must not have been declawed, or I doubt he’d have stood much of a chance outdoors. Another reason not to declaw-Houdini cats. Cats need claws if they should ever find themselves outdoors.

  5. It is amazing how successfully cats can hide in the home. Sometimes they can almost disappear. I guess caution and checking must be the byword but even the best cat caretakers can get it wrong sometimes. Social media as a tool for rescue has come on leaps and bounds.

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