Cat missing for two weeks in the UK catches train to return home

When 13-year-old, white-and-black cat, Charlie, disappeared from his home in Accrington, in the UK a few weeks ago, his owner thought she’d never see him again. Kinder Kaur and her daughter Kelly McDonald had resigned themselves to the reality, this time, they may never see Charlie again. The family moved to Accrington in April and previously went missing for two weeks. That disappearance resulted in Charlie being found on the grounds of a nearby nursing home.

Charlie with Kelly McDonald photo credit Lancashire Telegraph
Charlie with Kelly McDonald photo credit Lancashire Telegraph
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This time, Charlie made the news with his most recent adventure when he returned home September 21 after boarding a train in Colne and riding past seven stops over a half hour period before getting off at the stop in Accrington. The train staff believe Charlie boarded the train because the doors are left open longer in Colne.

Charlie made the news photo on East Lancashire Cats page
Charlie made the news photo on East Lancashire Cats page

Andy Richards who works for a local cat rescue center, East Lancashire Cats (a resource set up to help stray cats in the Accrington area), received a call from a friend who was on the same train. He informed him that a cat had just gotten off the train! Andy duly investigated and found Charlie sitting on the platform. Andy explained how things played out next in helping Charlie continue his journey home saying:

“We took Charlie in and he turned out to be microchipped, which is very rare for a stray cat, and when we checked it suggested he belonged to an address in Warrington, but when I rang the phone number it said it was out of service. I then posted a photo on Facebook and amazingly a friend from the centre who re-homed Charlie recognised him and put me in touch with the owner.”

Good old Facebook comes to the rescue again! Andy added that nothing like this has ever happened to him, but admits cats have an amazing homing skill. Andy contacted Kinder and Charlie was returned home, hopefully to become an indoor-only cat. The family is very happy to have him home. Aside from a little weight loss, Charlie returned home from “holiday” unharmed.

Source: Lancashire Telegraph.

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5 thoughts on “Cat missing for two weeks in the UK catches train to return home”

  1. I am so happy Charlie made a safe return home!!! I would have loved to have seen the happiness of Charlie and his owner !

  2. What a lovely ending. Cats are definitely more intelligent than they’re given credit for, if only we could speak their language and understand everything. Then we’d know exactly why he left and why he then went and boarded a train and if he has plans to pull another stunt that will make the headlines!

    1. Cats have learned human ways so although rare it is understandable that cats can take a train ride sometimes! They also travel on buses sometimes.

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