Cat mom who lost her litter takes on orphaned kittens found outside a library

Four kittens found outside a library in Kernersville, North Carolina now have a loving cat mom taking good care of them. The cat mom had lost her litter, leaving her upset, depressed and in pain from having milk and no kittens to nurse.

mom who lost her litter with her new family (Juliet’s House)
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The kittens were turned in to the police station in a shopping bag. Their mother was nowhere to be found so the officers got in touch with Juliet’s House Animal Rescue in Greensboro to ask for their help.

Juliet’s was able to place the kittens in a loving foster home and posted an update on December 23 on their Facebook page

“Yesterday, we pulled a beautiful momma cat from Davidson County Animal Shelter who recently lost her kittens. She was confused, upset and in pain (she was producing milk but had no kittens to nurse). We decided to introduce her to our 5 orphaned foster kittens and she immediately accepted them as her own. Nature is truly remarkable!”

Causaundra Maimone works as a volunteer foster and brought the kittens home. She brought the kittens home and began feeding them. Still, the orphans missed their mother and would try to nurse on blankets or on Casaundra’s dog Winnie.

Now the mother cat who lost her kittens is happy and is reported to be an incredible mama. The kittens are happy, especially the runt of the litter who clung to his foster mom begging to be held. He needed love a bit more than his siblings.

You can follow the kittens on Casaundra’s Instagram. Follow Elisa on Facebook and Instagram.

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