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Siamese cats
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Cat Names for Siamese cats should I think be short, easy to say Siamese (Thai) names for humans. And they should also be names which fairly easily or naturally lend themselves to being gently altered or modified as they evolve. I find I tend to shorten names over time (probably for the sake of speed and ease). The Modern Siamese cat is gradually, I feel, giving way to the Classic Siamese cat, which is called the “Thai”. The Thai is a traditional Siamese cat with a slightly longer face and body but much less extreme than the Modern Siamese show cats. These are Thai names for Thai cats.

Here are some Siamese names for people, with their meaning, which I think might meet the criteria I have suggested above. These names are courtesy a website listing human names:, but I have been selective.

Cat names for Siamese girl cats

A-Gun – meaning “grape” apparently. This is like “Top Gun” – think Tom Cruise. More a boy’s name perhaps but if your Siamese girl is a bit of a ladette (in the UK this means a girl who is like a boy or behaving like a badly behaved boy or young man) this could be a nice one. And if your Siamese is sweet (like a grape) this makes it OK too. It would be easy to shorten this one as well.

Buppha – this means “flower” – very girlie. This is a nice short name which could be shortened as you like or modified.

Chailai – nice and short. Try saying it pretending you are a Thai person! It means “pretty”. So you’ve got to have a really pretty Siamese cat for this name. I’d think a nice, slightly slender, (but not Modern Siamese) blue pointed Siamese who was a little nervous and gentle would be perfect for this name.

Dao – meaning “star” in Thai. Great name for a cat. No need to modify and you can pronounce it anyway you want!

Mali – means “jasmine”.

Malee – meaning “flower”

Lamai – this means “soft” in Thai. I can see myself turning this into “Lammy”.

Cat names for Siamese boy cats

Sunan – this means “good word” in Thai. Your boy has got to be good then. All cats are good if good means behaving naturally. If cats aren’t “good” it is because we are measuring them by our human standards, which doesn’t work. I would probably end up turning this into “Sunny”.

Niran -this means “eternal” in Thai. I think that it is a nice name as cats lives are shorter than human lives so there will always be the eternal memory of a loved cat in our heart when he passes on over the rainbow bridge.

Kiet – meaning “honor”. This could be shortened to “Ket” or “Ketz”. A name made for a loyal and reliable soul mate of a boy cat who is always there for you.

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  1. if you can send info on breeds of siamese, the illness and diseases siamese can get and what is best for your siamese….. that would be great.

    i rescued a siamese just about 6 years ago and she is beginning to change in behavior and catching things more easily. when i got her she had a upper respiratory infection but seems to be done with that but i am just wanting to learn more about her…. so i can better help and make sure she remains happy to be within my home.

    thank you for your time and consideration!


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