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Cat Nest-moving — 12 Comments

  1. Michael, I couldn’t agree more to what your theories are.
    I’ve watched these moves many, many years.
    The initial move is, usually, to safer ground. Then, the next move is closer to a food source.
    At least, that’s how I’ve always seen it.

  2. When we were CP feral officers we had a real job catching a mother and her 5 kittens, she moved them every time we got close, some instinct seemed to warn her. Someone would tip us off when they had a glimpse of her but she had moved them again, probably at night. We eventually managed to trap them all when they were old enough to start wandering, the cat wasn’t feral but living rough for some reason and had lost her trust in humans. They all ended up in good homes 🙂
    Many years ago our Bert was brought to us by his mother, we had been feeding her and one morning she turned up carrying one kitten, went off and came back with another, they all moved in. We had the mother cat spayed and she and Olive went off to new homes, we kept Bert, he was my feline soul mate for 17 years.

  3. We have a feral Mama cat in our bathroom right now with 5 kittens. She had them the day after I brought her home. They are 7 weeks old right now. This Mama has been so incredible and I think she must trust us or she is just grateful to be here because even when she has had the chance, she hasn’t tried to move them at all. When we hold the kittens and love on them she just purrs and totally relaxes, it’s like she takes a break when we are there to play, she thinks we are the babysitters. LOL I’m ok with that. 🙂 Here is Mama with her little boy baby when he was about 3 weeks old. Kisses for Mama

  4. i remeber a cat i had when i was 16 she had her kitties under my bed, even though i had her in a box i guess its a cat choice where they go and put there kitties. Just love kitties when they that young so cute

    • Sometimes the reasons why mother moves her kittens seems a mystery to us and Marc in his comment about seems to highlight that. As you say it is about a personal preference – what feels right for mother – and we as humans may not find it easy to understand.

  5. I have seen this many times although there has been no rhyme or reason to the placement of the kittens when moved. Not necessarily safer etc – just what the mama prefers it looks like. The day Gigi was born I put them all in a nice box with a blanket – she had thhem on a bunch of electric cables behind the hifi! But she didn’t like the box – and carried the Gigi and her sibling upstairs to another spot. Seemed like a personal preference but then I am not a cat so hard to say if some element was there i hadn’t noticed.

    • I find many interesting because I think as you say sometimes there is no obvious reason, to our eyes, why mother moves her kittens. Your story highlights that. It may just be a personal preference. A sort of gut feeling by the mother that somewhere else is better. There may be an instinctive desire to simply change position as a precaution. It may be a hardwired instinct because changing position will automatically make it more difficult for predators to find the kittens.

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