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Cat Neuropathy, Phantom Pain and Declawing — 3 Comments

  1. How can I help my 11 year old kitty he’s getting cotazone shots plus I’m doing cBD twice day he has Phantom paw it’s terrible I will never declaw a cat again he’s my baby is there any thing else I can do he’s Irritated still

  2. Our cat is missing one of hind legs – we don’t know if he was born this way or if it was surgically removed as it was missing when he adopted us. I am inclined to believe the latter as he stills try to scratch with the missing leg.m. I do wonder if he suffers. From phantom pain as he can be pretty crabby and still very cautious of any attempt to pet/brush in that area (we have had him forfour years). So it would make sense to me that removing a vital part of the cat regardless what part, would cause phantom pain or persistent neural complications.
    Sincerely julia

    • Thanks for your input Julia. It’s nice to have input about this rarely discussed health problem. My late 3 legs boy cat, Charlie, also tried to use his missing leg as if he didn’t realise that it was not there.

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