Cat of the Week: Salvador Dali Maine Coon Whiskers

This a Maine Coon with a riot of whiskers framing his face.

Maine Coon with large whiskers. Photo copyright Richcoon's Florimon
Maine Coon with large whiskers. Photo copyright Richcoon’s Florimon
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I briefly thought of Salvador Dali when I saw this Maine Coon:

Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali

Salvador was a famous Spanish surrealist painter. The Maine Coon should be shaggy, I believe. The best Maine Coons have shaggy medium-long fur. I am told that the Cat Fanciers’ Association prefers their Maine Coons to be a bit tidier and prettier, while The International Cat Association prefers the original shaggy look.

The original Maine Coons, before they were called Maine Coons and were barn cats, must have been shaggy and I like original things.

7 thoughts on “Cat of the Week: Salvador Dali Maine Coon Whiskers”

  1. Always had a spot in my heart for this surrealist. Bet he would have responded to this post on the World Wide Web with a swoosh, stroke and a painted cat’s paw, maybe with an ulta-fine Sharpie (don’t do this at home) akin to this…

  2. Is the photo of this cat “PHOTO-SHOPPED” ? Seems too artificial to have been a authentic candid photo of a normal cat expression. Beautiful and very expressive, a work of cat photography art although i fear it has been artificially enhanced.

    • Rudolph that never occurred to me 😉 It could be but my opinion for what it is worth is that it is not photoshopped. Some cats have very long whiskers and this Maine Coon is one of them. He has very shaggy hair and good lynx tipped ears indicating he is hairy!

    • Well, I am fairly certain that is Dali, and that he was ph*t*sh*pped but I understand why you may *believe* that he was not actually present when the transformation occurred. Still, I could be looking at it slightly off… 😉


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