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  1. All of our cats accept a harness and leash without question. However, we have a large cat enclosure in our yard that they have doggie door access to 24/7, so we just use them when we take them out in the front yard. Harnesses made exclusively for cats only should be used. Never attach a leash to a collar if your cat wears one.

  2. Hey guys I have a tiny little ginger persian his name is eddy he is the most adorable thing but he won’t listen 2 me he keeps running outside like a crazy thing and when I call him he usually come but if he’s outside and I call he doesn’t come he is really sweet but I don’t think he’d work on a leash also we have 2 other cats that live outside but he’s a full on indoors cat our garden is safe for cats but he keeps getting himself covered in mud and black jacks he won’t come and he’s very naughty how can I keep him from going outside I’ve done research and most sites say persians should never be let outside but my mom keeps letting him out and saying oh its natural its good he’s gonna run away if you don’t let him out he’s gonna hate you would you like to be locked up the whole day but she doesn’t know and everybody just let’s the cat out and then I have 2 chase him and catch him and they don’t even go after them I’m the one that ends up doing it have you got any hints on how I can keep my persian cat inside

    • Hi, nice to hear from you. Your problem is a classic. Both of you are right and the answer is not that easy. Eddy sounds adorable by the way. You say your garden is safe. By the way as you use the word ‘garden’ I assume you are English. I remember your name.

      For me there is no doubt that cats are better off smelling the air and the ground. They are better off being outside sometimes as it is more natural. The fact that she wants to go out indicates she likes going out. So I agree in principle with your mum. But as you say, you have chase after her etc.

      The reason why people say Persians should not go out is because:

      • Americans tend to give this advice and in America they keep cats in much more than in Europe. So the advice is not necessarily perfect advice. It is not bad advice but it biased towards keeping cats in full-time.
      • Persians have long fur and it gets dirty easily and is hard to clean. Keeping a Persian indoors makes it easier to maintain a Persian

      Both are not fantastic reasons to keep your Persian in. As you garden is “safe’ (is it really safe?) I would advocate letting her out in the garden but ask your Mum to fetch her in and wash her if she needs washing.

      The alternative is to build a catio or cat enclosure that is clean but outdoors. That is not as expensive as it seems but it will cost and take time etc.

      Note: I favour natural life. Naturalness improves health as it lets a cat express their natural desires. Persians are a refined purebred cat but they are the same as a moggie inside. They want to hunt and chase etc. My advice will always favour a natural existence provided it is safe. I would advise finding a compromise that meets that objective.

      If you disagree I don’t mind. Your question can produce many different answers. The answer should always be what is best for the cat?

  3. HI
    looking for a good dependable leash for my cat, i got one but it,s no good he keep,s slipping it off over his head ,would like something not to heavy but something comfortable for him can you help me please.

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