Cat on Catwalk! Debunking the pseudo-seriousness of fashion shows (video)

Cat on catwalk

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I LOLed at this. I love this little cat on the catwalk of a fashion show washing her bottom! The serious, skinny-faced models skirt around the cat and as they do so she reaches out with her paw to play. It would have been a bigger laugh if she had caught the model’s leg. I know I am being a bit cheeky but these fashion shows are overblown. I mean who cares about unwearable clothes? And they make the models under-eat so they become emaciated. Top fashion designers should be ashamed of themselves. This sweet cat debunks this overblown, self-indulgent aspect of human life.

Note: If the video disappears don’t blame me! It is embedded from Instagram so I don’t have control over its existence.

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1 thought on “Cat on Catwalk! Debunking the pseudo-seriousness of fashion shows (video)”

  1. I love this video! One slender kitty struts down the runway with perfect feline form better than the models. Maybe the cat was part of the show? 😻


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