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Cat on LSD Video Should Be Removed — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, it’s cruel. In my days, I experimented with LSD and Mescaline. They are different. Mescaline is more of a body high than hallucinogen. LSD, when taken at low doses is perception altering. High doses can induce panic, and there is almost nothing worse than a bad trip. For an animal, even a mild trip would be frightening. As I recall, strychnine (toxic poison) is used in creating the drug and can cause temporary neurological disorder that can make you feel really sick and cause seizures like what I saw on the video. Scientists tend to overdose, so I bet that happened and the cat was feeling like it was going to die. That and bad tripping is more than enough not to ever do this to any animal. Very cruel. If they ever do to themselves what they do to animals, they’d never do it again.

    • Thanks Albert for your thoughts. My immediate thought was that it is voyeurism to put this on the internet. It feeds those who want to be titillated by what happens when a cat is on LSD.

  2. Any cruelty, whether to a person or an animal should never be put on any social media. I much prefer the company of my animals to that of most humans! Animal are honest and if they don’t like you, they let you know. People on the other hand are supposed to have brains to figure out what is not acceptable in society.

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