Cat on Shelf Picture

This is a cat on shelf picture. The photographer said she had to take the picture. I can see why. It’s a really nice cat photograph. It has the quality of a painting. This is because of the lighting and the “still life” nature of the subject. The cat is very still. He is a beautiful ginger (red) tabby. This is one of my favorite coat types. The paintings in the background on the wall add a quality to the photograph as do the ornaments. But above all it is the lighting which gives this photograph a special quality. And of course this cat makes a beautiful subject.

Cat on Shelf Picture
Cat on Shelf Picture. Photo by the cat’s owner. I don’t have a name.
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Cat on Shelf Pic

There are two things that come to mind about cats on shelves. The first is that they like to be on shelves because they are high points. We know that cats like to move vertically. There is an inherent arboreal aspect to their mentality. Secondly, there are objects on shelves and cats like to knock those objects off. Why they do it? For entertainment, I would argue. They want to animate an inanimate object. They achieve that goal when the object falls to the floor and bounces around. They may follow it down to poke it on the ground. They might not understand why it has not come to life.

Ginger Tabby

Did you know that ginger tabby cat have a special personality? That’s what I think. My thoughts are not based on hard evidence. However, having studied domestic cats for 10 years I think that I might be correct. This begs the question as to whether a cat’s coat, or the genes that create the coat, can also affect personality. That’s a big question and there are no 100% solid answers. What percentage of orange tabby cats are female? Twenty-five percent.

The photo is from the Fluff Society on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Cat on Shelf Picture”

  1. Beautiful picture. Here’s Frog and Toad on a shelf. Not the best shot but my new PC uploaded my files in a different format and I’m having trouble finding some of them.

    • It’s a great picture ME. I am very impressed. Nice quality. Well done. I don’t think I have seen a better mackerel tabby coat than on Frog (upper shelf).

      • I think most cat owners realize rather quickly that their cats are excellent outlets for some in home photography.

        • Yes, only my cat is camera shy! He really is. He’s as bad as my girlfriend who is also camera shy. As soon as I pick up the camera they run 🙂 It is so frustrating. Even if I use a smartphone he gets the camera allergy.


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