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Cat or dog? A ‘dat’ or ‘cog’. — 5 Comments

  1. Mike I only know about AKC standards to enter a new breed because we tried for decades to get the deer face Chihuahua recognized apart from the apple head but the stuck up people at Chihuahua club of America refused to let the deer face be recognized as a chihuahua. But greedy AKC still registers the deer face as a Chihuahua but it’s not allowed in the show ring. But the dacshund can have 3 types in the ring and the poodle too.

      • After posting I went to duck duck go the Hmong Dog and this is a puppy. When full grown they can look much like a Labrador/Chow. And they are also born with tails some are short some are long and some are big and fluffy. Some can look like a golden retriever, the Hmong dog comes in all colors and various sizes medium to large. Because of the huge variety is probably why AKC hasn’t accepted them yet. If and when they have the breed all looking the same for years of generations, various colors are acceptable AKC will add them. But for now it’s a mutt. LOL.

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