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  1. She would not attack the cat. She’s just exuberant and a little dim. She wants to play with the cat, but doesn’t understand that she’s so much bigger than he is. She gets the one room and goes outside and the cat gets the run of the house. I do like and understand cats more than dogs, so I feel that when the cat gets agitated and runs away, seeing the situation through his eyes is a bit easier. I do try to be fair and only scold her when she was the thing that scared him (as opposed to one of us or one of the many other things he’s afraid of

  2. I have a timid tabby cat and alaskan malamute dog (think husky on steroids). They are able to coexist because the dog is kept in one room with a baby gate. The cat can come and go whenever he wants to and sometimes steals some water! Whenever the dog charges the cat, we scold her. These two things help keep the cat safe.

    • It’s so nice to read of a home where the cat isn’t a second class citizen to the dog 🙂
      Happy Christmas Alyson K

    • Well done in finding an nice arrangement. Would your husky attack your cat or is just he is too strong and outgoing and might upset your cat? Happy Christmas Alyson.

  3. I think most of the dogs are puppies or puppy-ish and have, probably, experienced a “cat strike” once or twice.
    Because of size difference, I think it’s necessary for a cat to set his/her boundaries.
    They will co-exist in a household once they each “set the rules”.

  4. When I had both rescue dogs and cats I made sure they respected each other and none were bullied they can peacefully co-exist if their owner does the job right.
    I must say since only having cats my life is easier and I don’t have to worry about their safety by separating them from the dogs when I went out to work like I had to.

  5. Cats need to get the upper hand in a household with both species and I was glad to see the ones in this video had done just that. We hear of too many households where the dog rules and chases the cat and takes his food and makes his life a misery.

  6. I agree its quite funny..

    Alot of the dogs are puppies – so that makes it a more likely scenario to begin with. When those puppies get older they will be chasing the cats out whatever room they go into – perhaps – which is the more common scenario.

    The fact remains one could make a far longer video called “you shall leave cat” – of dogs chasing cats away from whatever they were doing.

      • Well I don’t know if they were all puppies but certainly the Husky and the Boxer – the bigger dogs all seemed like puppies to me except maybe not the Nazi dog (german shep)

          • In reality, most dogs respect cats that are part of the “pack”, or family. But even if part of the same family, if the two are outside, and the cat runs, there will be a chase and it could be scary. It usually ends with the treeing of the cat, and there are no hard feelings after the fact, but still, the chase is a scary thing. I think even older dogs can be spooked by a cat who strikes out. Dogs don’t get the size difference at all. That’s why you see silly chihuahuas going after huge dogs. They don’t get the size difference. I always marvel at the ability of animals getting along fine as a family. It happens in the wild as well, as we have seen many times here on POC.

            Loose dogs, and free roaming cats is a whole other story. Fair game, as many dog owners feel. That is upsetting to me. Most cats are too clever to be caught thank goodness, but it is still not fun to watch.

  7. That is funny! The way it was edited is great–those whacks at the end. Maybe the cats saw the dogs punished too many times by their humans? Cats are so observant. lol

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