Cat overreacts when grabbed by crab

The reaction by the cat reminds me of the reaction to cucumbers placed on the ground behind a cat. It is a sudden overwhelming fear, it seems to me. The cat spins in the air to get away. He was really frightened by an unknown ‘thing’ which seemed dangerous as the crab’s claw pincered down in his paw.

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2 thoughts on “Cat overreacts when grabbed by crab”

  1. Poor cat. That’s not an overreaction. Looks perfectly appropiate to me. As you say, pincers can really hurt, startle and frighten.

    Letting a cat play with a huge crab is about as idiotic and mean as planting cucumbers behind cats to startle them.

    One of Jet’s favourite snacks is a slice of cucumber. You cannot make a salad here without throwing him a slice. Well you can, but you may end up having to visit A&E.


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