Cat owner believes that two teenagers stole her cat and killed her and we don’t know why

Vincennes, Indian, USA: Pets had been disappearing in her neighbourhood so Rocky Lewis setup a surveillance camera outside her home. The camera proved to be a very sensible purchase because it filmed a young man, at night, approaching her 10-year-old tortoiseshell-and-white cat, picking up the cat and carrying her away. The video on this page shows what happened. Were these youths responsible for other alleged crimes concerning missing pets?

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Rocky Lewis shared her video with a local news station in the hope that someone would recognise the man and help police find and arrest him.

She believes that her cat has been killed. Two young men have been arrested. They may have simply stolen the cat to kill her for the hell of it (for the pleasure of it) or for some other peculiar reason. There can be no legitimate reason obviously. Although there is no evidence at this stage that the cat has been killed. She is simply missing and stolen.

Rocky Lewis believes that the cat has been thrown into the river. Perhaps as a result of the video i.e. to get rid of evidence. What a very sad thing to say and to believe. One of the men arrested is a juvenile and the other is 18 years of age and therefore legally an adult. It seems that they have been charged by the Knox County Prosecutor’s Office. We don’t know the charges.

This is yet another story which reinforces the belief that domestic cat should be kept inside at all times. Or better still that there should be a decent sized outdoor enclosure to allow the cat to enjoy some outside space while remaining safe. One of the big dangers for outside cats is crazy, bad individuals who get kicks from hurting animals, often cats.

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3 thoughts on “Cat owner believes that two teenagers stole her cat and killed her and we don’t know why”

  1. What a ( bad word ) idiot put up a camera because you want to protect your pet but you’re too stupid to keep her in the house where she’s safe.

    • Back off M E King,I too have outside cats but mine are a cat colony and 3 of mine have gone missing starting 2 winters ago which makes it more suspect because at the time we had between 5 to 6 ft of snow and the only evidence I had was blood in the snow and shoe prints,calling people names is boorish and immature,get over yeself.

      The photo is my latest that went missing this past winter.


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