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Cat Owner Joins ISIS Because Humane Society Seized His Cat! — 10 Comments

  1. I have to admit I laughed when first read the headline. I thought it was a joke. Reminded me of that now-infamous Dakota Johnson Father Daughter commercial on Saturday Night Live when her Dad drops her off at the bus station and ISIS comes to pick her up: “Dad, it’s just ISIS.”

    I hope the cat in this cat finds a nice, peaceful forever home. He’s been through enough.

  2. This guy’s “I’ll fix you” stance may land him in jail. Even if his abuse case is unfounded, he now has assured that his cat will never be returned.

  3. What a beautiful cat. I hope that he went to a good loving home. He certainly deserves better. The man must have some underlying problems.

  4. There are many more serious animal abuses where nothing is done. This incident may have some aspects which haven’t been revealed. He seems mentally unstable, and possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    What a sad face on that beautiful cat! Looks like a professional picture.

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