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Cat owner says castrating her cat is torture but tattooing him isn’t

This Ukrainian cat owner, a wannabe glamour celebrity type who seeks attention whenever and wherever possible, has had her hairless cat tattooed on the chest and defends her actions by claiming that she has not neutered him as that would be torture but tattooing her cat isn’t torture (he was sedated). I think she has her values slightly mixed up. To compound her lack of values she posted her photos on Instagram. What is it with people who have to publicise everything they do to the entire world, both good and bad?

Picture of cat being tattooed. Photo: Instagram

Despite her protestations against numerous criticisms online she is being investigated by the Ukrainian police under animal welfare laws. Has she committed animal cruelty? Probably not although it looks like it and it was a crass, attention seeking act of mindlessness. A veterinarian was present during the tattooing and he or she approved it.

She says she wanted her cat to be as glamorous as her. I don’t find her in the least bit glamorous. She looks crudely desperate to be attractive which is not glamorous. I don’t find plastic surgery glamorous either.

For the record her name is Elena Ivanickaya. She is a ‘fitness fanatic’. She refuses to neuter her cat.

Picture of tattooed cat. Photo: Instagram

Comment: This is not the first time a cat owner has tattooed her Sphynx cat. This hairless cat breed is a prime candidate for tattooing. There is a modern trend for tattoos and as cats are regarded as accessories by some celebrity women it does not surprise me that this has happened. Celebrities don’t really think about the welfare issues. Their desire to own extreme looking cats such as the Sphynx, Scottish Fold and Munchkins (a dwarf cat) confirms that. The latter two have inherited health issues and the former can’t go outside unless dressed up or the skin is protected.

This sort of behavior needs to stop. The Scottish Fold and dwarf cats are treated as illegal in the UK under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Tattooing Cats

Source: The Sun.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • That is so cruel. Can't believe that people decide to tattoo their cat because they thought it would look cool. It's absolutely useless for the animal and puts it into really unnecessary risks like infection or like in this example the risk of the anaesthesia going wrong or possible allergic reactions to the ink.

  • P.S. Thanks for not printing a photo of her. She doesn't deserve to be memorialized here or anywhere. Although, you'd have to get her permission (which she might give). As Sandra said, attention seekers don't understand the difference between good and bad, up and down, etc.

  • I haven't read this whole article yet because I'm too pissed about this. So she doesn't understand that when a cat is neutered he is also sedated??? Omg it's people like this who never listen to anyone else who's smarter than her. That seems to be the sickness that's infested our whole country lately, but there really is no excuse for being this stupid and small-minded, outside of having a serious brain defect.

    I would only add that only if the cat is worth breeding, I'd understand, but just about every cat that I've had and have had sterilized, have been worth breeding for their exquisite personalities... but a lot of that has to do with nurture over nature. And I'm sure she wouldn't understand the difference.

  • Some celebrities and wanna be celebrities will do anything for attention, even putting their pets at risk. Many have upside down values. Maybe what she's done to her cat will have unwanted consequences from her "fans"? Let's hope so.

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