Cat owners are less faithful to their spouse than dog owners

Cat owners are less faithful to their spouse or partner (husband or wife) than dog owners. That’s what a survey by says.

The full breakdown is below. So, for example, 25% of married people who signed up to looking for an extramarital affair own a cat and 10% own a dog. And so on.

1. Cat (25%)
2. Fish (16%)
3. Other/no pet (14%)
4. Hamster/Gerbil (13%)
5. Rabbit (11%)
6. Reptile (11%)
7. Dog (10%)

So what can we make of this? There could be a gender cross-reference here. Independent-minded woman are more likely to look after a cat so it could be that married women are more likely to be dissatisfied with their marriage than men who tend to prefer dogs.

Happy family with dog and cat
Harmony in the family. Photo by Julie Bayer-Vile
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This is supported by the well-known fact in Britain that women initiate divorce more often than men. In 2011 66% of divorces were started by the wife.

Okay, so this survey just tells us that women are more unhappy about their marriage than men. And what does that mean? It is not clear. It could mean that men are lousy husbands or that that women are seeking more than marriage can deliver. The grass is always greener until the move has been made. Or that women are less loyal than men? Pure speculation and I have no idea.

What do you think?

P.S. In a marriage where their is a pet dog it is usual to regard the dog as “owned” by both wife and husband. The same would apply to a cat.

This blurs my argument (and the survey results to be honest) but is it fair to say that in a marriage where there is a dog and a cat the husband and wife have an unsaid agreement that one of them “owns” either the dog or cat and vice versa? If not I am not sure that this study carries any credibility.

Source: of survey information (the remainder are my thoughts). Daily Mail

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1 thought on “Cat owners are less faithful to their spouse than dog owners”

  1. Wot a bloody crock,in my almost 15 yrs with my hubby not one time have I ever entertained the idea to cheat on him,that website is a joke!

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