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Cat owner’s mother-in-law goes crazy and injures her cat — 4 Comments

  1. I have spoken of my in-laws often. They and none of the family are allowed across our threshold. They are animal abusers and I will not tolerate them in my home let alone near my cats.
    Relatives and friends should have the same values you place on your animal companion or at least respect your rules in the home regarding them.
    Never put your pets in danger. Quite simply this woman if in the US was considered a resident and the in-laws would have had to evict her. And since the cat was part of the agreement either oral or written they can’t demand she get rid of the cat.
    BTW how do they know which cat actually bit the FIL ?
    Personally I wish the animals would turn on their abusers. They will end up dead anyway at least this way perhaps they’d take one down with a good malingering infection.

    Want to add that the escalation of events is typical of a control freak narcissistic nut job. The OR ELSE is something you hear all the time.
    Narcissist are always the nicest people until they have you in their web of deceit.
    MIL NUT JOB has not exerted her control by making the DIL get rid of her cat. She better get out quick. If the husband does not stand behind his wife 100% of this abuse she needs to get rid of him too.
    I have so been there done that got the T-shirt. I finally told my husband it was them or me. He chose me but understand by that point I didn’t care which he chose I just wanted no more contact with those people.
    This is not just a MIL having a fit over a cat bite this is a MIL showing her true colors. Best guess both the husband and son are well trained lackeys.
    I wish I could access my old blogs about my MIL and her family on this PC. It’s a word of warning to all young people out there when you walk into this kind of mess.

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