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Cat owners see this under their bed — 2 Comments

  1. Blimey that’s some mighty mouse to have an organ that big, or are your floorboards very narrow?

    The UK cat killer is still killing & mutilating cats who roam at night. Two in the last week. Maybe keep the mighty hunter in at night?

    It is not an urban myth despite the budget saving rubbish from the Met & the idiot cat hating professor about it being foxes predating on cats. I know you prefer the prof’s explanation, but he is wrong, had other motives and has history on shutting down police operations to catch cat killers.

    If that fence/enclosure was sold to you as a cat containment fence/enclosure I’d suggest you alerted the manufacturer and raise a query on that. You might get a refund or a more resistant replacement. Maybe someone or something damaged it so it was weakened?

    Here’s to Gabs staying safe to hunt another day.

  2. Yes, cats do have a sense of duty, as it were, and they’ll do what they can to do what they can. (get out to get the mice). I’ve known two escape artists in my life and they were truly amazing. My cat always found a way to get out of my house when he wanted, even if it came down to wearing me down. Another was a neighborhood cat who escaped a cage. Yes, a folding cage meant to contain a cat or dog. Worked on it all night until he found it’s weakness and squeezed out. Much respect. Oh, I used to see mice and rats around the outside/back yard. Haven’t in years. Cats know they have a useful skill that serves us, and they enjoy performing it, unless they’re fat, lazy and happy I guess. As for me reading the gross details of mice eating first thing in the morning… not thrilled.

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