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Cat owners should get rid of house dust regularly — 4 Comments

  1. Many people are just not that aware. I took a friend to the store with me yesterday, and I noticed that she left her cart right in the parking spot, so a person would have to get out and move it. I said nothing, but really wanted to point it out. She’s 43, going on 13 in many respects.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Awareness of others is lacking a lot of the time. People are very self-centered or egocentric whatever the word is. By others I mean people and cats. Also there is a lack of awareness of hazards and the desire to avoid them.

  2. Michael, Thank you for this very informative post. I’ve wondered about the stuff we bring in our shoes. I prefer taking shoes off at the door, as I learned while living in Hawaii for so many years. I just think it’s a very sanitary step, even if people don’t have pets or children. And it saves having to clean carpets so often.

    I live with someone (my landlord) who has no sense of the word “sanitary” He coughs and sneezes without covering his mouth. He puts his shoes on the kitchen counter, with nothing under them, to clean them! He also puts his shoes, soles side down, on his bed. It’s tough for me to see this, but there’s no way I can talk to him about it. He’s extremely defensive.

    He’s also obsessive compulsive, and when he bought 6 boxes of mothballs, his room became a toxic dump. Mitzy likes to go in his room to look out the window, and I was very afraid for her health. I did mention that these fumes are toxic. He simply wanted to move them, but I put most of them in his shed, without telling him.

    He and my other housemate like to use PineSol to clean with. They may recall this as something their mothers used, so the smell means “clean” to them. I feel sick when I smell it. Many times, they don’t even open a window.

    It’s very difficult living with this situation, and I’m constantly looking for what he may leave around, or drop on the floor. He might as well be blind, deaf and have no sense of smell. So, I have to be his eyes, ears, and nose!

    • It sounds far from ideal for you. I think we (meaning all of us) need to look harder at these “background hazards” which are almost invisible because there are too many feline diseases such as allergies which are undiagnosed and the poor cat has to put up with steroids and other unpleasant medicines rather than finding the cause and removing it.

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