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Cat owners should stop their cats wandering into other people’s houses — 2 Comments

  1. I cannot speak for anywhere else. Letting your cat out unleashed and not in secure cat fencing or enclosure in the US is putting their lives at risk. and that includes several infection diseases. AC laws seldom address roaming cats and it is that exclusion that lends them to being disposable pets that can be let out to fend for themselves until the sad sack owner wants to pay attention to them. It’s really easy keep your pets confined. In your home, on a leash or in a secured enclosure. Cats kept for rodent control in rural areas should be properly chipped and fixed to discourage roaming. As to the microchipped cat flaps…well it’s hard to lay blame on anyone when everyone is letting their pets roam.

  2. I have had this problem with a neighbor. She used to feed one of her cats outside, because she couldn’t bring that cat in without disharmony being a problem with the indoor cats and dogs. She in advertantly (or verdantly) fed my cat (Buddy) too, who was indoor/outdoor. I’ve managed to have fair control over my cats except for this, whereby he and then others of mine were drawn to the “better tasting” dry food she kept leaving outside. The dry food was also a danger to Buddy who could get crystals because of it. It’s too simple to “just” keep mine in, though I tried that. Other than this problem, which I tried to curtail in other ways, there hasn’t been any others. I asked her to feed only at certain hours (when I also would keep mine in) so that her’s could eat and coincidentally leave none for mine (AND OTHER) stray cats who didn’t even live in our hood. She refused to. My cats kept (and to this day still) keep going over there, though Buddy has since passed away. Even since her original cat (who she let stay outside until 20 years of age) had finally stayed inside, this woman kept putting food out for strays who came through the hood. I’m home all the time and see what goes on day and night. I know the routines. I talked, sent letters to this woman, but she’s one who can’t be told anything. I at least consider things. I’ve considered keeping my cats indoor only, but as they seen most of their time staying close to me, and I know when and where-to they meaner away, I rein them in when necessary. If I don’t see one, I know where it went and often just have to call them once and they come to me. Often I walk over there, they simply see me standing there and come walk with me home, which is fun in itself and gets me out of the house. My attitude is I do what I can, weighing everything in the balance. People will eventually do the right thing on their own. If I pester them they just dig in, like trolls on the internet. In my location I’ve never had a problem (other than this) with my cats also being outside, but I understand not all locations are ideal for it nor do all owners have eyes on them 24/7 like I do. I also have cameras and IR switches that signal me as to their whereabouts. I also never let my cats go far and always make sure they will come when I call them. That’s the most important thing in addition to seeing to all their wants and needs when they are home. Sorry for the long reply. Keep your cats safe and happy.

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