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  1. There was a raccoon I think that scaled a very tall building somewhere, and it was on the news. There was no way to rescue him and it was quite the drama waiting to see if he would make it to the top. He did and was taken into custody.

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  3. I hadn’t seen cats scale buildings before. It’s good to remember this ability when a cat goes missing. My friend says he cat is safe outdoors because she has a 6′ fence. He’s about 3 years old, and has gone missing before, in another house, but returned after 3 days.

    Now, I’m also remembering when I used to sit outside, with Mitzy, a couple of years ago, that she scaled a fence, and jumped onto a roof, chasing a bird.

    Now, she’s confined to the porch, which has wire enclosing it. If she does jump up to get out, it bends towards her, preventing her from jumping over. I’ve seen enclosures on Jackson Galaxy’s show, that have wire bent toward the inside, which prevents the cat from getting out.

    Mitzy has a sleeping spot on top of my closet, and she has to scale the wall from my dresser to get to it, which is about 6′. I’ve put blankets and a rug up there, so she has secure footing and can pull herself the rest of the way.

    I knew that if she slipped, she could fall and possibly get hurt.

    My friend’s older cat, who’s 16, can still leap straight up from the floor of his shower, to the window ledge. I was pretty amazed when I saw this. There’s nothing to cling onto with slick tile. I’ve also seen her outrun a dog, and leap up to a 6′ fence. Even at her age, she’s still sleek and athletic. Not a pure breed, with any distinguishable markings. Short haired, striped tabby.

    They are true athletes, with amazing strength and agility, but as you say, they still make mistakes and get hurt with their acrobatics.

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