Cat Passing Blood

by Colin Major
(Sussex , England)

Picture added by Michael (Admin). He is Angel. He suffers from kidney disease.  He lives in Brazil. Photo by fofurasfelinas

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Picture added by Michael (Admin). He is Angel. He suffers from kidney disease. He lives in Brazil. Photo by fofurasfelinas

We have a female cat that has been spayed and it is about one years old. Every morning it has a wee in the bath but is also passing blood. Is it a healthy cat?

Answer: Because this is a short post I'll give my answer here. I hope others can contribute. I have transferred the post to the Cat Health Problems page.

As usual, all I can do is present researched information. A good veterinarian is the answer.

However, this is a very specific symptom and without researching the matter, this points to a urinary tract infection. Disease of the bladder and urethra is called feline lower urinary tract disease or Feline Urologic Syndrome (FUS). In answer to your question, your cat is not a healthy cat in my opinion and a visit to the vet is called for as soon as possible.

To add some detail. FUS is a major health concern of cat owners. My cat has had cystitis (bladder infection), for example.

The symptoms of FUS are:

  • frequent urination - going in the bath indicates that your cat needs to urinate urgently
  • passing bloody urine
  • urinate in unusual places (as mentioned above because of the need to urinate immediately
  • might lick the penis or vulva a lot
  • vocalise when urinating

Obstructions can occur to the urethra (a tube which connects the urinary bladder to the outside of the body). This is serious. If your cat finds urinating painful (crying out) this indicates FUS.

If the urine is bloody but there is no apparent pain in urinating this indicates kidney disease.

There are various types of kidney disease. A vet will advise of course. Kidney disease in cats does not show signs of illness accompanying kidney failure until 70% of the basic functional unit of the kidney is destroyed.

This is most definitely a case for professional advice asap.

Cat Passing Blood Source: Book 1 PoC Medical References and Methods

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Nov 23, 2009 Vet needed
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Michael is right !
Your cat is ill. PLEASE take her to the vets urgently,the longer you leave it, the more serious it will become and more difficult for the cat to recover.
There is no way anyone can tell what's wrong without examining the cat.
Let us know what the vet says please, I hope your cat is soon better.

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