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  1. I always thought my two long haired cats had some Maine Coon in them . This helps to explain the fur between their toes. I had never seen this before. I think it adds to their individual personalities. Thanks for the info.

  2. Long tufts of fur between the toes can also provide protection against extreme cold on the ground as well as heat. I daresay there are regions around the world where moggies and ferals need thicker fur on their toes.

    I’ve had a few longhaired moggies with long tufts of hair between their toes, but nothing as extreme as seen on the Maine Coon. I suspect that the reason the cat fancies insist on such long tufts between the toes is to further distance the Maine Coon from similar looking moggies. As these show cats are indoor-only their tufts are purely decorative and serve no useful purpose to the cat.

    • Absolutely agree with you. The lynx tipped ears are a prominent feature of this breed and this long paw fur is another way, as you say, of distinguishing this cat from the rest.

      • I just hope that the Maine Coon breed standard doesn’t suffer any more “refinements”. It’s a very attractive cat and doesn’t need “improving” in any way.

        I would hate to see the MC go down the same route as the Persian and Siamese, who have been over-typed purely to distance themselves from their moggie counterparts.

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