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Cat People Versus Dog People — 11 Comments

  1. What’s wrong with liking both? Mu husband and I enjoy the companionship that both our cats and dogs give. We like each equally.

  2. My houseguest said he thought Lilly was like a dog in the way she behaved. I agree there is a big similarity. Lilly and Gigi fetch balls just like dogs do. Active cats can be very dog like and they can get along with dogs but some dogs are just awful for everyone except their owner. No cat could get along with such a dog because of loud barking and space invading behaviour. Cats end up tolerating dogs more than anything.

  3. Michael,I can’t find anyway to contact you other than to reply here. I posted to you on the listing for my cat Cowboy. My email to you on the subject bounced back, so I posted it there. Thanks.

    • Thanks Debbie. There is actually a contact link in the menu bar at the top of the page but I’ll make it clearer. I am don’t ming being contacted. I have responded to your other comment.

  4. Honestly, i was a “DOG MAN” having owned dogs till 1994. I took up to cats accidentally and for practical reasons as dogs are more difficult to maintain compared to cats. My first cat “Trixie”, a oriental/siamese mix was a dying sick kitten given to me free of charge by a pet dealer in Mumbai’s famous Crawford market.She lived in our household for 12 years.Now i have two Traditional Persian cats, their lives well documented on “P.O.C” and having their own blogs.Cats as pets to me was initially due to sheer practical reasons but now i have become a “CAT MAN” !

  5. We are bosses to dogs and mothers to cats. I like that and I agree what you say but I don’t believe it is that black and white.

    The point I am making is that the common denominator with both cats and dogs is that people want the companionship and interaction that both bring to them.

    Being a boss is different to being a mother so the style of interaction can be different but mothers can be bosses and bosses can be mothers.

  6. Hi Michael: No. Two totally different mechanisms are at work here. You can never say your relationship with your boss is the same as your relationship with your mother.

  7. There is no comparison between cats and dogs, each are very different species and should be loved for who they are and there is no reason why we can’t love both for their different ways.
    I admit I love cats more than any other animal in the world and since having cats in my life I would never want another dog for all we always had family dogs as I was growing up.
    My late mother loved cats passionately but my late father preferred dogs, men ruled then and I think those days most men were ashamed to admit they liked cats in case it looked unmanly.
    So maybe that’s why it seems that more women than men prefer cats?
    This is one good thing about progress, that most men now are not afraid to show their caring emotional side and I for one much prefer men who do that because they are usually kinder and more compassionate towards animals.

  8. There is a big difference between cat and dog relationships with people.
    To have a fawning obedient dog little or no effort is required of the human. It is the instinctive pack animal behavior of the dog that brings this about. It makes the human feel important and in charge. The relationship between a cat and a human is much more sophisticated even with the friendliest of cats, and requires a great deal of input from the human. The cat has to see the human as a mother replacement with all the benefits of it’s biological mother, including feeding, protecting, caressing, warmth, and conversing to an extent. The paddling and kneading as if getting milk is perhaps the most obvious of these transferals of instinct. In other words cat and dog ownership are worlds apart.

    • I agree the cat and dog are different but the basics of the human-animal to animal relationship are the same, or the reasons and benefits to both parties are the same.

      Do you agree that Harvey?

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