Cat Photo Technique 1

cat photo technique
Our Little Boy Sue by la la lie

cat-photo-technique-1….This is page 2 of the photographs submitted by Flickr photographers to the Flickr Group, which can be seen here on the Flickr website: cat-photo-technique. Page 1 of the selected photographs can be seen here: cat-photo-technique-page-one. The presentation is different from page one for the simple reason I like change and a larger image size and the standard website format does not allow for large format images. If anyone has any comments to make about that decision please make it on the form below (or any other comments for that matter).

cat photo techniquecat photo technique

The picture on the left is by broooookeohmy. I think this is using digital photography to good effect. In the days of film this would not have been as good. Digital photography is more tolerant and the photographer has used this tolerance to good effect.

On the right, this photograph is by cecileonline. This is a fine candid photograph. It is very well timed and uses the tolerance of digital capture very well.

cat photo technique

The photograph above is by by deesouza. The photographer says this, “edited and cropped using curves and soft light, cloned out the windchime”. This is a nice quiet composition that captures the character of the companion cat extremely well.

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