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    • To quote, precisely, a comment job application I reviewed (and that just HAD to share with everyone in the General Manager’s office; under the question Do you have any special talents or hobbies that might be of benefit of our organization?, the young man’s reply was:

      “I’m good with my hand”

      • Making me work, Michael…

        If I remember correctly, protons and neutrons are held very tightly within an atom. But, electrons are held loosely and can move from one atom to another.
        When their are less electrons than protons, the atoms will be positively charged and are capable of attracting neutral or negatively charges items.
        Hair, such as a cat’s coat, is perfect for static because the cat sometimes rubs against objects or people that disperses their electrons, making them positively charged. It’s the imbalance of positive and negative charges that causes static.

        Good god! I hope I remembered correctly.

  1. Kindly select the charity you feel deserves it most, Michael. That would serve all best, sir.

    Just hadda “raise my hand” in class first, and shout out the answer.

    (you know that kind of kid, I am sure 🙂 )

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