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  1. Thats true Our freedom is not as free as it used to be. I had to apply for an 18 plus card a few weeks ago just to be verified on a government website. Was a hard process to go though. As these days alot of places require Photo ID and if ur passport has expired even by a few years you still got to go though the process.

      • Yep I agree. I think its happening here too 🙁 No one is safe really even though with the crisis with isis and all the other things. Thats why I try and focused on today, just getting though daily life. It’s too scarey to look to the future so I just stay focused on now.

  2. We’re vulnerable everywhere, not just on the internet. Just slipping our cards into an ATM or gas pump leaves us wide open to identity theft (like anyone would really want to be me!).

    However, in the scheme of things, posting pics is really pretty benign when you think about all of the personal information people will voluntarily post on the internet. It’s astonishing.

    It goes without mention that government has the capability of seeing inside our homes from the sky these days.

    There is no privacy anymore.

  3. That is frightening! I was just reading earlier too about Russians hacking in to webcams in houses, apparently they even saw a cat on a child’s bed!
    Technology can be great but there are always people ready to abuse it.

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