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Cat Photos to Amuse You — 18 Comments

  1. Our Bryan would have said ‘I stood up at the coffee table and licked the cake when we had visitors’ lol ‘and I dragged my bum along the carpet in front of a Priest who didn’t like cats’

  2. If I was one for grassing my cats up with a sign then Alfie would have had one the other day that said ‘I licked the cream off the top of my mom’s trifle while she wasn’t looking’

    I loved the photos 🙂

  3. Some of these are signs of issues. The cat knocking things down needs an up-space she can dominate. The pooping, peeing issues may be the same type of thing. They need somewhere they feel is their own up high or out back or something. Sorry, I think these are cute, but I can’t help but think about how these are mostly all cries for help.

  4. Most are gentle fun, wasn’t keen on the one about pooping that Michael mentioned, or the last one about eating yarn which of course could have been fatal, but I laughed my head off about the one that sneezed in grandma’s ashes, all their little innocent faces wondering what they did wrong – haha :-)I love cats

    • As Ruth said, these are almost all certainly made up but I still think they’re clever and enjoyable. It is quite light-hearted stuff. I actually uploaded these with you in mind because you said that you wanted something a little less heavy at least once!

      • May be made up, but Damon does this stuff.
        I was really happy to know that I don’t have the only “Demon” that licks the butter, pukes (usually in my shoe), shreds, or steals my stuff.

  5. I’ve seen these pics before and think many of the things written are made up just so they can post something funny about their cat, thankfully none are dressed up in silly clothes because that’s not funny at all.

    • They are probably all over the Internet and I’m the last one to see them 😉 Anyway I thought it was time for a bit of fun and I think they’re not bad, better than a lot of funny cat photographs that tend to denigrate the domestic cat.

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